This was a vacation planned with G, specifically for Skydiving. Later, we decided to visit Barcelona. We planned it way too ahead, had our hotels and round trip tickets booked from Frankfurt Hahn to Girona. We also had our Skydiving tickets booked at Empuriabrava placing our huge trust base on accuweather and mentally making a... Continue Reading →

A ray of hope for India

Finally in 2014, after what seemed like a billion years, the Congress lost their ironically precious 'Throne' to Narendra Modi, a member of the right wing BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) who became the Prime Minister of India with an overwhelming majority. If someone would ask me, who the coolest Prime Minister on earth is, I... Continue Reading →

Hygge- Simple pleasures

A friend and I were having this conversation on the happiness index of Denmark and the concept of Hygge(pronounced Hoo-gah). A cake is just a cake, yet another pastry! Of course, most enjoy eating one. Apparently, for the Danes, It's much more than that. A cake is a Hyggeligt. Every bite is savored and every time! So is... Continue Reading →


"Déjà vu "She says to herself as she descends down the stairs that lead down to the streets of Harington. The serenity that it is shrouded with doesn’t take her from what had been disturbing her for the past few days. Robin Scherbertzsky, is not one of those many damsel in distress for a chap.... Continue Reading →

The Lost friend

She was a stranger, Alas…she made me fall into her trap...Known as affection... We played together...sailed in a boat across the pond of pearls shed by us. She said,” I wish the wheels would never stop... There came a day… I watched my soul trying hard to ferry the boat Across a fathomless ocean of... Continue Reading →

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